Well depending on who you are asking you may have slightly different answers. For the host, a successful party may need to inform guests, make a great impression for someone or themselves or just be a great chance to have fun and socialise.  For the guests, a successful party/event satisfies the need for fun and relaxation, inspires, comforts, and has a few great surprises – some of which come in the form of a ‘wow factor’. Flowers can provide a ‘wow factor’ depending on how well they are used as they can give your party an amazing feel and create a beautiful and vibrant environment. Below are some great ideas on how you can use flowers’ decorative ability to blow your guests away.



The entry point of your event space. The outside sometimes gives people what to expect on the inside. A remarkable entry design will excite and impress guest. You can either use flowers on the entrance door by being creative with the floral arrangements. If there are steps then, you can dress the sides with bright bouquets in a well-designed container.

A welcoming floral arrangement will set the tone for the guests and with their scented qualities can leave a long-lasting memory. After all, our smell is the sense that triggers memory the most.


Welcome Table

If welcome tables are integrated into your parties, then they shouldn’t be bland. Dress up the table with cool colourful vibrant colours. Don’t be afraid to try out new schemes, be creative and wild with the floral piece. If you have a knack for designing and are creative, you should definitely be a little or a lot daring if you have the capacity. If you don’t have the skills or capacity to decorate and need help, Letterbox Parties can offer additional services including Balloon Design and additional support with sourcing all you require for your event. Please drop us an email on support@letterboxparties.com or alternatively use our contact form to drop us a message. We’d be happy to advise you on do’s and don’ts and extras to think about when planning your event. Moving on…


Grand Designs

Centerpieces/showpieces have been a prominent part of parties. They play a huge role far beyond what you can think of. They can inspire, act as a mini landmark in your venue or a focal point if you are trying to communicate something specific, not to mention provide the perfect photo op zone. You can play around with the shape and characteristics of the designs. Some examples of flowers you can use for this purpose include Roses, Tulips, Daisies, and green plants like Cactus Euphorbia or Eucalyptus leaves. Don’t forget you can add flowers and greenery to balloon arches and other balloon designs.



In addition, the vessels or frames the flowers are arranged around or on play an important role in accentuating the beauty of the arrangements. A silver, gold or white framework can give a classy feel, whilst dark colours can create a beautiful contrast with bright arrangements. If you are unsure about your design, you can carry out sample arrangements before the day to see what works best.



Another way to make your space exciting is by adding a great floral arrangement to chairs as well as tables. Depending on the invent, chairs and tables can be covered with full fabric or lace pieces including runners for the table. However, an impressive and draw dropping wow factor can be gained by replacing these more traditional fabrics with chairs and table runners made up of flowers or greenery. This of course can be very costly if you are entertaining a lot of guests, so maybe this can be done for the guest/s of honours table or chair/s.



We are experts in saving time when creating events but unfortunately not expert florists. We highly recommend the award-winning Bloom&Wild for jaw-droppingly beautiful flowers for your next event. They offer gorgeous floral arrangements delivered to or through your letterbox ready for self-assembling. You can arrange flowers in your preferred vase or container of choice or think out of the box and be as creative as you would like in using the flowers to decorate your space. They also do cater for occasions – see their selection here.


Things to note:

Depending on the floral arrangement you may need to pre-order 3 to 5 days in advance so buds can be fully open in time for your event.

Bloom&Wild delivers across the UK however if you would like more locally sourced flowers, we can assist you with looking into options for your city, contact us at support@letterboxparties.com.