Organizing a party can be a huge task, and if you are hosting the party at your house, it can be very demanding and stressful to stay on top of everything. But with our help, you too can be a Party Ninja by having a well thought out strategy and being aware of a few potential challenges.


The most difficult part will most likely be determining how well your home lends itself to being a party venue for entertaining many people. Imagine you hosted a simple house party, expecting a few people, and each of them came with five friends; certainly, there won’t be space to contain them, let alone for them to have fun! You will likely need to move and store furniture, partially to safeguard your belongings and also to maximize the available space.


Even something as minor as a spilled glass of red wine can result in the need to replace a carpet or rug. Accidental damage to your favourite painting could be excruciatingly unpleasant. With the extra crowd and added demand, your toilet can be at risk of resigning from its job of flushing too.


Parties are notorious for being excessively noisy events, either from people’s chatter and movement, or the music playing over or under the voices. When scheduled late at night and depending on your house type, you might risk irritating your immediate neighbours, which could result in more than a little resentment, and perhaps even a noise complaint to the council or police.


The day after the party, the clean-up operation might be more than you can imagine. You might find empty cups in places you didn’t know existed – not an ideal thing to deal with while you’re hungover or stressed.


Not everyone has a large driveway or a neighbouring field where visitors can park their cars or vehicles. Attendees might need to park on another street or someone else’s driveway, potentially causing problems for your neighbours.


It’s tough to keep crowds under control when they’re in a hurry after eating or drinking too much and need to relieve themselves… Too many people might congregate outside the restroom, and the crowd becomes uncontrollable. You might also have to clean up any messes the next morning.


When planning a party, there are a plethora of things that may go wrong. While some might be due to human error, others might be because the heavens are just not on your side. It might be a cloudy day, making you unsure whether to go ahead or not. For an indoor party, this might not matter so much, but garden parties rely heavily on the elements for their success.

With a little thought and troubleshooting, these things should not be too troublesome to manage. However, read on for two more challenges that really decide the faith of your party.

Why Parties Fail

Lack of Organisation or Planning

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – it’s all about planning and organization when it comes to parties. The most common cause of party failure is a lack of planning. A party is made up of many distinct aspects and people. You must make sure that each aspect is well-organized. Improper planning will result in chaos and disappointment.

Supplier Issues

Despite your best efforts, you will most likely need to rely on others to assist you in pulling off your party. The event can be thrown off if just one supplier fails to show up or follow instructions properly. Vet your suppliers and make sure you know they are reliable before booking their services. Check their reviews out on their website, social media platforms they are on or trust pilot if they are registered.

If you want to make sure you cover all the bases and host like a pro, view our ultimate host and games guide here with tips and added ‘wow factor’ pointers to make sure your event goes down as the party of the year. We also offer support in finding the best services locally to fill your party needs – contact us now on if you require assistance. Up to 2 hours of support is free and after it’s as little as £30 an hour. Treat yourself and let us sort you out.